Production Delay

Due in part to a shortage of available cast and crew, production for "The Cause" will not take place during the last week of August as originally planned.

If you are interested in helping out with this project, please scroll down for more information and contact us! We will send out anouncements as soon as rescheduling is possible, with a potential new production time frame falling either later in the Fall or next Spring.

Still Recruiting!

Cast, Crew, Locations, Equipment & Postproduction Team Members! Scroll down the page to find out how you can be a part of this exciting short film production!

The Cause (working title) will be approximately 15 minutes long and production will be rescheduled for this Fall or next Spring in the Northern Oakland County, Michigan area. (Precise dates and locations to be determined.)

The Story

Amid the strife of a future civil war, the daughter of a powerful political leader is captured by Patriot forces, leading to a dramatic revelation of the true difference between free men and tyrants.

Casting Call!

Primary Cast:

Elizabeth “Libby” Prescott

Age: 20’s
Height: Preferably between 5’ and 5’10”
Character Temperament: Alternately ambitious, cold, feminist and bold, resolute, sweet-spirited.

Daughter of the federally appointed military governor of Michigan, Libby is within reach of becoming a Department of Homeland Security field agent when she’s captured by resistance forces.

Ray Evans

Age: 20’s
Height: Preferably between 5’4" and 6'4”
Character Temperament: Passionate, dedicated, strong.

Commander of a band of patriot forces that he raised himself, Ray Evans is a man of high moral principles who refuses to compromise of the values that undergird the freedom for which he fights.

Rachel Welles

Age: Late teens through early 20’s
Height: Preferably between 5’ and 5’ 8”
Character Temperament: Sweet-spirited, mature, quiet strength.

Separated from her (large) family for a time by the war, Rachel is determined to do her part in defending the values that she understands to be critical to any free society.

Sid Drecker

Age: 20’s through late 30’s
Height: Preferably between 5’ 5” and 6’ 4”
Character Temperament: Pragmatic, fierce, proud, rebellious.

Drecker joined Evans' band only because it had a reputation as the most effective in fighting the tyrants' advance. He resents the high moral standards to which Evans holds all of his men and operations.

Supporting Cast: (Minor Speaking Roles)

Dark Ops Federal Agent

Male, preferably large in stature and able to sound menacing/evil.

Resistance Officer

Male, preferably not too tall.

DHS Agent

Male, preferably athletic.


We need lots of extras! We're primarily looking for men of all ages to play freedom fighters and possibly federal agents.

We're especially looking for people with their own camo/tactical gear and semi-realistic looking airsoft guns. We will have a certain amount of extra gear available for extras who do not have their own.


All cast positions are on a volunteer basis only. (No pay.) Food will be provided while on set.

To Apply:

Please contact the casting department at:

Please include a headshot, r้sum้, and reel if you have them. If not, then simply send your contact information, the part in which you're interested, and any picture you have available. Please also mention if you have any special gear that you can bring. (Airsoft guns, camo/tactical equipment, military or SWAT-style helmets, etc.)

Crew Call!

We're looking for all sorts of people to help out behind the scenes! If you have any skills in film or video production and would like to help out, please e-mail David:

(We're especially looking for an audio engineer, or someone with audio experience!)


This film will require several outdoor locations--most of them wooded--and one indoor location (to look like a dungeon or prison cell--it doesn't necessarily have to be completely enclosed!).

If you have property that you'd be willing to let us use for this project, please e-mail David:


We're looking for a variety of lighting, camera and audio equipment for this production. If you have equipment that you would be willing to let us use, please e-mail David at:

(It's usually preferable--when possible--if the Director of Photography brings his own camera, the audio engineer brings audio capture equipment, etc.)

Specialty Props/Effects

We're looking specifically for SWAT-style gear (enough for at least four people).

There are also certain practical effects that will involve specialty equipment--probably centering around compressed air. (For safe mortar hits.) Anyone who has experience working with this type of effect or who has such equipment is more than welcome!

Again, please contact David: