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Freedom Warrior Productions could never get a single project off the ground without a tremendous amount of support from people like you!

Without your support, our dream of creating excellent films that glorify God, are built on truth and celebrate virtue rather than vice, will not become a reality.

Whether you’re skilled in a film related trade or you have no idea how to clap a slate, you can help us in our mission! Take a look below for some ideas:


First and foremost, we recognize that “except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.” We need God’s direction and blessing on each and every project! Your prayers are always greatly appreciated! We will be taking steps to keep our prayer supporters in the loop so that they can know how best to support us in this way. (More on this to come!)

Buy DVDs and Merchandise

Technology may have brought moviemaking capabilities to those without a $20 million budget, but film productions still require money! Your purchase of our DVDs or promotional merchandise (t-shirts, postcards, etc.) can help fund the next project! Swing by the FWP Store today!


We hope to eventually reach the point where we can pay everyone who works on a FWP project, but that day is still a ways off yet. Every production requires that we have lots of volunteer help! Whether it’s serving as an audio engineer, extra, makeup artist, composer, grip, actor/actress, After Effects artist, or anything in between, (even just an extra pair of hands to help move equipment!) volunteers will always be important, but they’re especially critical in this start-up phase of the new Independent Christian film industry. Keep an eye out for announcements on this website! We’ll be implementing other tools for keeping our supporters informed when we are able!

Spread the word!

Forward our e-mail alerts, wear our promotional gear, link us from your website or blog, show the movies to your friends and family and recruit them to help with productions!

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