The Idea

Short on time, money, and nearby collaborators, Hoplophobia Writer/Director/Producer David B. Thompson pitched the project to members of the online Christian Filmmakers' community for production during the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival!

Why not? After all, the cash-strapped filmmakers wouldn't need to fork out extra money to travel across the country just to work on a short film; they would already be in San Antonio. It was an opportunity to circumvent one of the largest barriers to collaboration.

Several courageous filmmakers took a deep breath and jumped on board the ambitious project.


The plan was to shoot Thursday and Friday following the festival activities, hopefully getting cast and crew members back to their respective lodging places by the early hours of the morning.

As the shoot progressed, however, it became obvious that it was going to take much more time to shoot this film than any of the participants had anticipated.

The first night of shooting wrapped at 7:15 Friday morning, and the second at 8:20 Saturday morning.

Here are some pictures from the shoot:

This is the set, located at the home of some of the WDP's courageous (or perhaps unsuspecting!) friends the DeLaduranteys! Pictured are (left to right) Paul Munger, Cory Taylor, and Caroline Boulden.

This is our "moon". Many thanks to Mr. Robert Brayton of CineNoSin for allowing us to use his wonderful lighting kit!

Hoplophobia stars Caroline Boulden in the lead role as struggling writer and hoplophobe Cynthia Lane.

Joshua Moore served as camera operator and brought the Panasonic DVX 100a that we used to shoot Hoplophobia

Making a few adjustments here are (left to right) Director of Photography Jesse Boulden, Camera Operator Joshua Moore, and Writer/Director/Producer David B. Thompson.

None of the cast or crew really expected to see this as the shoot drew to a close for the night!